Procedure of Cytotron
  •  Patient lies on the Cytotron bed that moves into the focus area.
  •  The treating rays are focused on the tumour with laser guides and the computer calculates the dose based on the MRI, The treatment is usually one hour daily for 28 days.
  •  Cytotron device produces Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) beams that are low power, non-ionizing, non thermal, radio or sub-radio frequency electromagnetic waves.
  •  RFQMR alters Cell Membrane Potential of cancerous cells from problematic -20 mV to healthy -90 mV range and activates P53 proteins that halt uncontrolled cell mitosis.
  •   RFQMR does not destroy the cancer cells, but stops the cell division putting the cells in a vegetative state and as all cells are programmed by nature for self destruction through apoptosis the body gets rid of cancerous cells over time.
Cytotron is better because:
Patient feels better, has less pain, needs less or no pain killer medicines, can walk longer distance more comfortably and some can even climb stairs and sit on the floor. Pre and post Cytotron X-rays and MRI can document improvement. There is increase in capacity, range of motion and joint stability.

Advantages of Cytotron therapy


Purely external with beam of rays.

Anesthesia, cut, scar, blood transfusion



Nil due to treatment.

Hospital stay

1 hour daily. Some patients may need hospitalization to observe and manage pain.



Surgery unfit patients

Cytotron is possible.

Procedure deaths


Preventive effect


Acceptance by patients

Very well accepted.

Acceptance by doctors

Very well by the aware and knowledgeable doctors.

Cost effective

Lesser cost than joint replacement.




Avoid Bypass Surgery
Avoid Bypass Surgery
No.1 Most Experienced since 1994
No.1 Most  Experienced since 1994
  • I had pain in both knees joints since 4 years with deformity and walked with the aid of walking stick and required pain killer drugs almost daily.
    Mrs.Sheela Devi
  • I had pain in both knees joints since 4 years with deformity.
    Mrs.Sheela Devi